Lennox Lewіѕ would beаt Tyѕon Fury ‘on рoіntѕ’ іf they fought іn theіr рrіmeѕ

What a fight this would have been…


Lennox Lewis would have beaten Tyson Fury ‘on points’ if they fought in their primes, according to Simon Jordan.

Boxing legend Lewis famously knocked out Mike Tyson and ended his career with an incredible 41-2-1 record.

And while Fury is widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters of his generation, he arguably hasn’t fought anywhere near the same level of opposition that Lewis faced.

Jordan, who fronts talkSPORT’s boxing coverage with Spencer Oliver, believes Lewis possessed the ability to adapt to every kind of situation.

And he claimed over 12 rounds he would have had the beating of the Gypsy King.

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Oliver, however, strongly disagreed with his co-host on the subject.

Asked who he thinks would have won a hypothetical fight between the pair, he said: “Prime Tyson Fury. I just think he’s got the size and the reach and he would fiddle his way through against Lennox.

“It’s a great fight, it’s one of those where Lennox Lewis is an incredible boxer, but I just think Fury would have the tools and the style to beat Lennox.”

Jordan responded: “I understand your point of view and I will always bow to the boxer in the situation which is you.

“But, I’ve seen Lennox go around the world, I’ve seen him win and lose fights, I’ve seen him adapt styles, I’ve seen him do what it takes to beat the fighters in front of him because he’s a pugilist, he thinks things through…

“I think he has the size to go with Tyson Fury so he won’t get leant on or bullied, he’s got the adaptability because he can fight in a variety of different ways.

“He’s got the engine and the only person who really caused Lennox Lewis any problems was when he fell asleep against Oliver McCall and when he wasn’t ready for Hasim Rahman.

“But, I think prime, switched on Lennox… has the tool kit to match Tyson Fury for engine, boxing IQ, movement, durability and for size and I think actually Lennox Lewis is a better boxer than Tyson.

“And being the prime, focused, on his game, motivated lion that he was, I think he would beat Tyson Fury on points, I don’t think he would knock him out.”

Oliver countered: “Fury would keep it at range and he has great boxing IQ as well.

“He would stick behind his jab and tie Lennox up on the inside, but he might have to weather some storms.”