Boxerѕ Thаt Eаrn Moѕt Money Per Punсh – Wіth Floyd Mаyweаther Almoѕt Double Mіke Tyѕon

Floyd Mayweather has never put a limit on what he believes he is worth – but even he would concede that nearly £240,000 per punch is a decent deal if you can get it.

Research from Betsperts has listed the fighters who have earned the most per punch since 2010, calculating the amount of money earned per successful blow, as well as the losing fighters with the highest prize purses.

But his figures still making astonishing reading, with a prize purse of £448.9 million in the past 12 years, making £239,358 for each of his 1,876 punches.

And in second is the man he beat to go 50-0 in August 2017, UFC legend Conor McGregor. ‘The Biggest Fight in Combat Sports History’ was worth its while for the Dubliner despite his defeat, with his 111 blows worth £225,160 each, and an ultimate fee of £24.98 million.

Anthony Joshua has been involved in four fights that have generated more than a million PPV buys since 2010. And the British heavyweight, who takes on Jermaine Franklin on April 1, is third on the list with a £92.44 million purse from 443 punches working out at £208,743 for every bomb landed.

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson is fourth, although would undoubtedly be higher if the heavyweight bouts from his prime were included. The American has landed £124,342 per punch, essentially half the amount of overall leader Mayweather.

Wladimir Klitschko follows Tyson on £115,215, with Alexander Povetkin earning £106,352 for every successful jab, hook, uppercut, or roundhouse right. And Pacquiao, boosted by the afore-mentioned ‘fight of the century’, is seventh on £96,785.

Caleb Plant (£82,484), Roy Jones Jr (£67,548), and Joseph Parker (£65,987) complete the top-10 list, with Tyson Fury a notable omission. The hopes of the ‘The Gypsy King’ of gaining inclusion have seemingly taken a savage blow though, with his unification title bout with Oleksandr Usyk appearing scuppered.

Mayweather’s career money making is currently restricted to exhibition shows, although his recent bout with former reality TV star Aaron Chalmers was branded a ‘shambles’.. He’s now been touted for a WWE-style ‘tag team’ bout, with Pacquiao and KSI also set to be involved.

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