Dаve Allen Inѕіѕtѕ Any Fаnѕ Don’T Wаnt To Heаr But He’Ll Beаt Mіke Tyѕon If He Getѕ Bасk In The Rіng

Dave Allen is a popular, well-liked domestic heavyweight in the United Kingdom.

Allen is also an incredibly candid guy for a pro fighter, and has never boasted much, thinking he’s the greatest in the world or anything of that sort. And that ties into his own reason for not wanting to see Mike Tyson fight again, as too many people still believe they want to see.

“A lot of people would laugh at this, but this is the facts: I would beat a 56-year-old Mike Tyson,” “And that is the saddest thing any boxing fan wants to hear. For that reason alone, he should never box again.”

I also expect some of you reading this might chuckle, maybe, but here’s the thing: Allen’s right, and Dave Allen, with due respect to him, is not a special fighter. Neither was Danny Williams. Neither was Kevin McBride. And they both stopped Tyson before Mike was 40. He’s 56 now.


Via Mike Tyson’s workout video on social media, there are some people who really seem to think Mike Tyson could be the guy from 1988 again. He can’t. A lot of people in and around the sport have been speaking up against the idea, but there are still a ton of people who don’t really know pushing for the idea of Mike in a serious fight again, and there is no doubt someone out there with money who would finance it.

Eddie Hearn has stated that he has no interest in promoting any potential Tyson comeback, while Tyson’s friend, UFC boss Dana White, says he is “begging” Mike not to do anything crazy.

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