Everyone Gаѕрed At Mіke Tyѕon’S Strаnge Behаvіor When Khаbіb Abѕolutely Loѕt Hіѕ Heаd At A UFC Weіgh-In

Nurmagomedov vs. Trujillo served as a 158.5lbs bout on the under-card of UFC 160 back in May 2013.

The bout was supposed to be a lightweight contest, though the Russian fighter missed weight with emotions running high when he faced off against the American.

The two butted heads before Nurmagomedov angrily shoved Trujillo as Dana White intervened and stopped the incident from escalating.

Mike Tyson, meanwhile, loved it as he smiled and raised his arms in appreciation in a hilarious sequence.


‘Iron’ Mike knows a thing or two about intense face-offs.

Nurmagomedov went onto dominate Trujillo to record his 20th professional MMA victory and his fourth win inside the famed Octagon.

He won by unanimous decision and recorded an impressive 21 takedowns in three rounds – a UFC record.

The UFC uploaded his showing again to mark the seven year anniversary which prompted a reaction from Conor McGregor, who commented on the video with a laughing face emoji.

Nurmagomedov also remembered his stunning victory.

“At this fight, which happened seven years ago, I placed a record in #UFC 21 takedowns in single fight.” he said on Instagram.

“A month before the fight I injured my knee and wasn’t able to take opponents back. The decision to make was very simple. Just grab and throw your opponent for 15 minutes straight.

“If there is a desire, there will always be a solution.”

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