Fаnѕ Throw Wіld Allegаtіonѕ аѕ Conor MсGregor Reveаlѕ Reаl Reаѕon Behіnd Mаѕѕіve “Mіke Tyѕon” Neсk

Conor McGregor and his immense change in physicality after the horrific injury against Dustin Poirier have been a constant subject of debate amongst fans.

In what appears to be a photo shoot, the 34-year-old, instead of displaying his usual upper body, decided to flaunt his massive neck. And it appears to have taken his fans by surprise too. Many of them mocked him while seemingly accusing him of PED usage. Although it’s important to note that despite such allegations, a majority are just mere speculations and nothing more.

The post in discussion here was a snapshot of ‘The Notorious’ posing in a dimly lit room. While he looked above and laughed, one could visibly make out the ‘huge’ neck that he was apparently trying to point out. His caption itself kind of revealed the motivation behind his post. It read, “I laugh so hard my neck is huge.”

Fans didn’t waste too much time hopping on the comment section of the snap. While many of them called him out wondering when he’ll get in the testing pool, others quoted some of his remarks. Let’s take a look at some of the reactions that stood out.

“No one is fooled”
“Sup guys, Derek moreplatesmoredates.com, and today…”


“Bro got mike Tyson’s neck”
“People be injecting laughter these days”

“Is he still not in the USada testing pool?”
“He’s been hit on the head too hard for him to think he’s a god now.”

“Verified that’ll be all the secret juice mate”
“Da champ Champ laughs how the f**k he wants”

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