Golden State Warriors Owner Joe Lacob Gets Real On Potential $400 Million Payroll Next Season

Things may not be going well for the Golden State Warriors this season, but it seems team owner Joe Lacob has not lost any confidence in the roster his front office put together.

In fact, as he revealed in a chat with The Athletic, he has not ruled out paying a $400 payroll next season just to keep the core players together.

According to Lacob, he’s all-in on winning a title… no matter the cost.

“It’s not possible without losing quite a bit of money at the bottom line, let’s put it that way,” Lacob told Tim Kawakami of a $400 million payroll on the latest episode of the TK Show. “I did say that, and it is from a business perspective an almost insane thing to even consider. But I think we’re gonna have to wait and see, because the truth is winning matters, and I wanna win another championship. We wanna win another championship this year, and I’ll probably say that at the end of this year, too. Let’s see how this season goes. Every week, every month, every game. Anything can happen.”

Amid the team’s struggles this season, and the injury to Stephen Curry, there has been a lot of noise in Golden State about potential moves ahead of the deadline and it seems plausible that the team might make a trade if they feel it helps them win now.

Can The Warriors Win Another Title With This Core?

A lot of things have changed from their dynasty days in 2018 and even from last year’s impressive title run. The bet they made on the young guys appears to have been a massive mistake, and there’s no telling where they’ll be in the standings when Steph makes his return in a few weeks.

Still, the Dubs believe in themselves.

Where’s the optimism level? Green was asked this question in a Brooklyn locker room after the Warriors were whacked by 30 points. His eyes bulged open. He tilted his head to the side. He grinned. The message: Why even ask?

“I’m the same guy who everyone told was crazy when I said we were going to win a championship last year,” Green said. That opinion presumably hasn’t changed?

“Anybody proved otherwise yet?” Green asked.

It remains to be seen how this season will play out for the Warriors, but it’s going to be expensive to keep all of these guys together.

If the Warriors want to make the most out of their team without breaking the bank, they’ll have to pick and choose who stays and who goes. They are not ready to do that just yet.

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