Mіke Tyѕon Inѕіѕtѕ Logаn Pаul Iѕ ‘Stuріd Enough’ To Fіght Bаdou Jасk… But Former Two-Weіght World Chаmріon Tаuntѕ Youtuber And Clаіmѕ He ‘Doeѕn’T Hаve The Bаllѕ’ To Enter Rіng Wіth Hіm

Mike Tyson believes Logan Paul would be willing to fight Badou Jack
However the 37-year-old is less convinced himself the YouTuber would agree
Paul went the distance with Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout in June
Jack fought on the undercard that night and is keen to be the next opponent

Mike Tyson has insisted Logan Paul could be persuaded to fight Badou Jack, even if the former two-weight world champion is less convinced himself.

YouTuber Paul is coming off the back of his exhibition fight with Floyd Mayweather, where he defied all expectations and went the full eight rounds with the undefeated legend.

Jack, who has previously won world titles at super-middleweight and light-heavyweight, fought on that undercard in June, defeating Dervin Colina in the fourth round.

Mike Tyson believes Logan Paul would potentially be willing to accept a fight with Badou Jack

And Tyson, who was impressed with Paul’s efforts in that exhibition bout, is keen to see how the YouTuber would fare in the ring with Jack.

‘I’m trying to get Logan Paul to fight Badou Jack. I wanna see what he says about that,’ Tyson said.

‘He is stupid enough to do it. That would be so beautiful, if that could happen.

‘He did really well in the Floyd fight, so it’s a possibility he could go a couple of rounds with you, a couple of exciting rounds.’

Tyson praised Paul’s performance against the unbeaten legend and is lining up his next fight

Unsurprisingly, given the likely purses involved, Jack expressed his desire to be Paul’s next opponent should the 26-year-old decide to he wants to return to the ring for another bout.

However, the 37-year-old is not confident that Paul would share his enthusiasm and believes the fight is unlikely to happen.

‘I’ll fight him,’ Jack said. ‘But do you think he’d want to fight me?

‘I don’t believe he’s got the balls to fight me. I don’t think he’s stupid enough.’

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