Sрortіng Legend Mіke Tyѕon Hаѕ Been Dіѕсovered To Hаve A Terrіble Weаkneѕѕ In Skаteboаrdіng

In news nobody thought they needed today, it has been confirmed that sporting legend Mike Tyson, aka ‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’, isn’t very good at skateboarding.

Since retirement, Mike Tyson’s been back in the ring for an exhibition, but largely looks for new ways to spend his time. One of those is his extremely popular podcast, Hotboxin’.

Tyson speaks to sporting greats and famous figures, bringing a unique style of interview often prompting very open discussions on combat sport and beyond. Lately, he had Tony Hawk in the studio, which gave him an opportunity to try something else that’s new – skateboarding.

And, even under the auspices of a pioneer of the action sport and despite throwing himself at it like the piece of wood was an opponent in the ring, ‘Iron’ Mike didn’t do so well.

The boasting had to end quickly as the boxing legend lost balance. Mike took it in good spirits, although did seem nervous that his wife might find out he was exerting himself in a way he’s perhaps not supposed to at the age of 56 following an intense boxing career. Still, fans of the sport will undoubtedly rather see him doing this than stepping into the ring again – a rumour that will never be far away as exhibitions become more and more popular.

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