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Chargers’ Jim Harbaugh warns Seahawks’ Mike Macdonald about scary ‘dark lonely trap’

Seattle Seahawks fans will likely appreciate the positive remarks made by the new head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, Jim Harbaugh, about Seattle’s new head coach, Mike Macdonald.

During the NFL owner’s meetings in Orlando, Florida, Harbaugh expressed admiration for Macdonald, his former protégé and defensive coordinator at Michigan in 2021.

Jim Harbaugh and Mike Macdonald side by side with Seahawks logo in the background.

Jim Harbaugh’s quirky advice
Harbaugh also offered a cautionary piece of advice, warning Macdonald about the dangers of developing a big ego, describing it as a potential trap that is a deep, dark lonely trap.

“Don’t get a big head, because that’s a trap. That’s a deep, dark lonely trap,” Harbaugh said, per Mike Dugar of The Athletic.

Jim Harbaugh’s advice, albeit delivered in his unique style, carries valuable wisdom that underscores the importance of humility and avoiding overconfidence, especially in the face of success.

During the past decade, Macdonald primarily worked with the Baltimore Ravens. However, he made a move in 2021 to become the defensive coordinator at the University of Michigan under Harbaugh. With the younger Harbaugh now heading the Chargers in the NFL, he was recently questioned by reporters regarding Macdonald.

Rather than emphasizing Macdonald’s defensive expertise that contributed to the Ravens’ top-ranked defense last season, Harbaugh (via The Seattle Times) highlighted Macdonald’s humility and consistency regardless of success, “One thing I’ll say about Mike — he’s himself, and that’s every day,” he said.

“When he has a great year, like, he’s a great coach, there’s humility there. Some coaches make the mistake of being — you have a great year as a coach, someone gives you coach of the year,” the Chargers head coach continued. “That’s great, you are coach of the year. That doesn’t make you coach of the decade.”

At the NFL Scouting Combine in February, Ravens coach John Harbaugh was effusive in his praise for Macdonald, who had spent nine seasons climbing the coaching ladder in Baltimore. Now, on Monday, it’s Jim Harbaugh’s chance to commend the Seahawks’ new coach.

Expectations for Mike Macdonald
Macdonald, at 36 years old, steps into Seattle as the NFL’s youngest head coach, half the age of his predecessor Pete Carroll, who was released after a 14-season tenure that marked the franchise’s most successful era.

This coaching stint is Macdonald’s first head coaching position at any level. One aspect that remains uncertain is how Macdonald will adapt to an organization that has been shaped by Carroll’s philosophy for more than 10 years.

John Schneider, the general manager of the Seahawks, highlighted that one of the owner’s directives, Jody Allen, was to uphold a certain level of Carroll’s culture within the team. How Macdonald handles this transition will be a pivotal aspect to monitor going forward.

With Macdonald at the helm, there’s optimism for an upgrade in Seattle’s defense, which struggled and ranked poorly in most defensive categories. The Ravens, under Macdonald’s defensive tactics, lead the league in fewest points allowed, most sacks, and most takeaways, a performance unseen since 1970.

Seattle isn’t on the schedule to play against Harbaugh’s Chargers in the upcoming season. Fans may need to wait a bit longer before they can see a game that reignites the Harbaugh/Seahawks rivalry.

Mike Macdonald and the other NFC head coaches are scheduled to meet with the media on Tuesday at the NFL Annual Meeting. However, the AFC coaches had their media sessions on Monday.

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