ESPN: If Bucs Cаn Upgrаde Center, Blockіng Wіll “Vаstly Improve” - Sport News

ESPN: If Bucs Cаn Upgrаde Center, Blockіng Wіll “Vаstly Improve”

Joe knows some folks just don’t like Bucs center Robert Hainsey. He’s sort of the new Donovan Smith, a popular fan favorite for years among Bucs fans.

(Please note the deep, dark sarcasm there.)

Joe is indifferent on Hainsey, compared to many fans. Joe has seen Hainsey open holes in games but for reasons that do not compute, Rachaad White didn’t or couldn’t read the asses of his blockers. White would slam into the back of a lineman for no gain, despite a large chunk of daylight and green grass right at his side.

If White chooses not to run through a hole and instead gets drilled at the line, Joe doesn’t know how you pin that on Hainsey (but people sure try).

And Joe noticed Hainsey is second only to the great Tristan Wirfs in the lowest percentage of pressures on drop backs for Bucs’ offensive linemen. So it’s not like Hainsey is Garrett “Whoops!” Gilkey.

Joe is convinced Hainsey’s biggest problem is his name isn’t “Ryan Jensen.”

The reason Joe brings this up is it appears that Jenna Laine of ESPN is leaning toward benching Hainsey, which will endear her to the loud crowd hollering for Hainsey’s release.

Laine typed that if the Bucs are serious about a run game, the team must upgrade at center. New Bucs guard Sua Opeta is a sneaky good run blocker, she noted, calling to put him at left guard.

If the team can upgrade its center position in addition to this move — and there are options in this draft class — the interior run game will vastly improve.

Color Joe skeptical. If White can’t read holes consistently, how are Opeta and a rookie center supposed to magically open his eyes?

Of course, there is always a chance that new Bucs offensive coordinator Liam Cohen won’t be nearly as gung-ho as his predecessor about trying to turn White into Marshawn Lynch and pound him where the Bucs’ were most vulnerable on the offensive line — the middle.

Not having White run up the gut three out of four touches might alone spring the Bucs’ run game, Hainsey or no Hainsey.

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