Texans’ C.J. Stroud, Cowboys Micah Parsons Throw First Pitches at Japanese Baseball Game

Houston Texans star C.J. Stroud, accompanied by Cowboys star Micah Parsons, has been on a tour helping take the NFL global.

The NFL has a really cool opportunity to spread the sport and league to a global audience. They’ve done so recently with international games on Sundays. There’s more they can do in the offseason, though, and they’re executing on that now.

Houston Texans star quarterback C.J. Stroud and Dallas Cowboys edge rusher Micah Parsons are currently on a tour in Asia, sponsored by Gridiron Imports. They’ve been to Beijing and Shanghai and are currently in Japan.Mar 10, 2024; Los Angeles, California, USA; NFL player CJ Stroud attends the NBA game between the

The two attended a Tokyo Giants baseball game, where the star NFL duo threw ceremonial first pitches at the game.

Stroud, who has previously thrown a first pitch at an MLB game, threw an incredible first pitch. Parsons, on the other hand, could use some pitching lessons. He threw his pitch into the ground right before it got to the catcher.

The two also tried their hand at sumo wrestling, which did not bode well for the duo.

It’s clear the duo was meant for football, and they’re going to continue to play at a high level in the NFL as the two young stars are among the faces of the NFL in Texas. The two have been a content duo this offseason. They faced off in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game before appearing on Bleacher Report’s 2024 NFL Draft day coverage, where they debated the best NFL team in Texas.

Now, on a tour in Asia, the Texans and Cowboys stars are getting the chance to get close before battling on the gridiron during the 2024 season. Their efforts to grow American football across the globe will be appreciated, but they’ll be enemies once more as they face off in Arlington during the upcoming season, where they can declare their team as the best current NFL team in Texas.

The rivalry in the making, because of the two star players, will make for some increidble content over the course of the offseason and next season.

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