Top 3 WR prospect meets wіtһ tһe NY Jets - Sport News

Top 3 WR prospect meets wіtһ tһe NY Jets

Ahead of LSU’s Pro Day, the New York Jets met with top wide receiver prospect Malik Nabers

One of the best wide receiver prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft has met with the New York Jets.

NFL Network’s Cameron Wolfe reported that the Jets and multiple other teams met with former LSU wide receiver Malik Nabers before his pro day on Wednesday.

Nabers proceeded to put on an excellent performance at his pro day. The wideout’s vertical jump was 42 inches and his broad jump was 10 feet 9 inches, both signifying a high level of explosiveness.

Additionally, Nabers had a great 40-yard dash time, as ESPN’s Jordan Reid said that scouts had him between times of 4.37 and 4.41 seconds. Nabers chimed in later in the day, claiming that his time was actually 4.28 seconds.

While he did not necessarily need the good performance, Nabers’s pro day performance should all but solidify him as one of the best players in the draft class.

The LSU product, who led the country with 1,545 receiving yards, can win from anywhere on the field. He has inside and outside versatility, can make contested catches, and has the speed to beat any defender down the field.

New York may not have the opportunity to acquire Nabers, as teams like the Cardinals, Chargers, and Giants could look to pick up the receiver early. It is possible the Jets will consider trading up for him, though.

If the Jets get Nabers, he would form a top-tier wide receiver trio with Garrett Wilson and Mike Williams. All three players would benefit from each other’s presence, minimizing double teams and allowing each of them to exploit single coverage.

The Jets can take many paths in the first round of the NFL Draft. If presented with the opportunity, getting Nabers might be one of the best.

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